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Fan issues with Ender-5 pro


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I just got my Ender 5 pro and almost everything is working great. What doesn't work are the extruder and part cooling fans. I already upgraded the firmware to the latest.
I did some other troubleshooting, ...
The fans are working, ... I know because I'm currently running them on an external power supply to be able to print. I measured the output current on the mainboard for the extruder fan and it's about 0.1 V even on manuall 100% fan speed.

about my printer:

I'v got the v4.2.2 silent mainboard and updated to the Ender5-pro-Marlin2.0.1-Endstop.bin firmware because I don't have BL-Touch or other upgrades.

My question now, ...

Is there something else I can do to pinpoint the issue.
Is is possible to downgrade to an earlier firmware to exclude a firmware issue?
Is this issue known and is there a fix or is my mainboard faulty and must be replaced?