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Extruder temp drop


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I've had the 3Pro for ~18mo and have been very unhappy with it from the beginning.  I got it cause my old Solidoodle which I printed with for near 8 years finally gave up the ghost.  Anyway as a result of that, I use Repetier Host software including Slic3r, just can't warm up to Cura.  I've finally gotten a few descent prints, and today I went for another, but a completely new problem has surfaced.  Had the temps set to 191/60 in both the printer and Repetier.  As long as I let the printer idle, the temps stay, as soon as I start to print the temp quickly starts to drop, The printer screen still says 191.  Repetier drops til it hits ~184 then freezes the machine with a 'mintemp' error.  I don't know where to look.  No changes to the machine or software.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Sorry for being so long winded.

Thanx - Ski