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Ender 6 Printer Skipping prints?

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Keeps happening anyone know away to fix?


I notice when i press print it heats up than will check using BL touch the sides than will set temps to 0 than will just skip the whole print?? any idea


New video

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Hi, when I open the transfer page, it says “Transfer expired”.  I have met this kind of problem on my ender5 plus. When I click print, it will do something like usually does, but a few mins later, it says finished the print, but there is nothing. I restarted the machine and auto home before print when it goes normally.


NerdNational NerdNational Topic starter 14/05/2021 4:20 pm

here is a reupload


Well, Your BL-touch did not check itself successfully. The probe seems to be stuck and can not be ejected out. So it flashes the red light. You can try to put it out to see if anything changes.

And the printer is acting weird. I am not sure if it due to the BL-touch issue. Maybe the firmware got issues as well.

NerdNational NerdNational Topic starter 14/05/2021 6:08 pm i just took this video hope it makes it easier to find the problem :/ 

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So it is a Issue with the BL touch and the firmware? because when i test bed leveling it checks it all fine :/ also with the firmware  it is the latest one do you have any recommendations what i should do?