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Ender 5 pro - stringing


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Hello guys, 


I've bought a bigger printer but I've been having stringing issues since day 1 (see picture in attachment on a benchy boat). It can easily be removed using heat but I am sure that it's the expected behavior for an Ender series printed. 


Here are my specs :

Machine: Ender 5 pro 

Firmware: Marlin 2.0.1 - v1.0.1

Filament : Vertex 

Nozzle heat: 200 C

Bed heat: 50 C

Retractation distance : 5 mm

Retractation speed : 25 mm/s

Supports: none 


Thanks in advance for your help in narrowing down what could be the cause.


Best regards, 




This topic was modified 3 months ago by Chris_Belgium

@chris_belgium Please set retraction in Cura.

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