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Ender 3 Pro - Layer Gaps


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This printer is 3-4 weeks old has has been working great. However, just recently a new problem is occurring in that the bead/strand (sorry, not sure of the correct term) being put down for a layer aren't touching each other any more. I have tried cleaning the nozzle, verifying bed levelness, and reslicing the model, but it is still happening. Example picture attached. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Well, I did some other searching and discovered that the issue is caused by warped print bed and/or dips. I was able to fix it using a few strategically half-sized PostIt Notes under the magnetic print bed. Not sure if the bed warps/etc. after a certain amount of use or what, but I'm really surprised that this became an issue within less than a single month of use!

Reference video for the fix I used:

@shigadeyo Good to know. Thanks for sharing with us.