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Ender 3 Pro extruder motor not rotating

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Hi all, im getting stuck with the extruder motor not turning (definately not turning and not just the top being loose). Ive swapped the cables over and gone to move axis and it rotates fine plus i have a spare motor which iver also tried. Ive tested multiple cables but they also work fine on everything but the extruder motor plus i have spare new cables which ive tried too. im using a SKR mini e3 v1.2 which i then tried swapping out for the original motherboard and im still getting the same issue. then ive tried updating cura and making some fresh gcodes although i did try printing using a gcode id already printed with fine before. Then ive formatted the SD card and loaded it up with fresh code too to see if the card was corrupted and its still not working.

ive attached a copy of a gcode ive tried but im not really sure what im looking at and i really dont know what else to try. anyone had issues like this before? I feel like ive ruled everything out.