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Ender 3 Pro BLTouch won't finish auto test


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Looked up a new way to set the Z access offset this weekend to fix the problem I was having with just getting a pile of loose filiament instead of an actual print. Now when I try and run a job, using the G29 command to get the BLTouch to relevel the bed, it steps through the first 6 locations just fine. It makes the first test of location 7, then leaves the pin extended, moves the extruder to the far left side, prints the single line then tries to move the extruder to the center, but with the pin still extended! Bent both the pins that the BLTouch came with and am waiting for replacements from Amazon. Any idea what can be causing it to stop its bed levelling process in the middle of the 7th step, or why it forces the pin down afterwards? This "inexpensive" printer is starting to rack up the cost.

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