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Ender 3 Max Changing Nozzle and shorted out wires now blue screen.


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Was changing out nozzle when I accidentally cut the 2 small white wires and created a spark. Now my screen stays blue even after trying to update the firmware. Will run but nothing else happens.

Is the wire above the heater? That is the thermistor. The screen should not be blue if you only cut the thermistor wire, just lost the temperature feedback. So I guess there is also a short circuit that burned out the mainboard.

So would that mean just replacing the mainboard then? I dont mind doing so the only thing i will have to figure out is which one to get. Where would i look to know the exact one to replace with or upgrade from?

Not hurry. I suggest you find out if your mainboard is broken or only the screen burnt out. Please follow this article to check which part is broken.

If you want to buy a new mainboard, it should be v4.2.2(32 bits HR4988 Drive).

Am I able to upgrade the screen from the factory cheap one? I like the one in the picture shown above. Pretty much since i bought the printer intermittently while using the printer the knob will stop working and i have to shut down and reboot the printer to get it working again. Also reading the possibilities of things wrong i noticed my screen turns on but blue screen and when i depress the knob it does not make a sound so its saying the screen is bad. Ive only had the printer for about 2 months max.

Unfortunately, this is what ender3v2 unique screen. I recommend you contact the seller to get a new screen. It is only 2 months.

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