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Ender 3 4.2.7 Which Firmware with BLTouch, won't print.


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So I've been running a 4.2.7 mainboard for a while and now I've bought a BLTouch 3.1 Kit from Amazon For my Ender3X.

(Ender3 that came with a glass bed and 5 nozzles.)

Creality Offical Website lists 3 Firmware files, which is the correct one ? They are all from 29 August 2020.


Marlin2.0.1-BLtouch V1.4.1 (with-adapter & filament detector )


Marlin2.0.1-BLTouchV1.3.1( with adapter board)  


Marlin2.0.1 – BLTouchV1.1.2 ( without adapter board)  

So my ender 3 has a stock hotend and extruder.

I flashed the mainboard using the bottom one, as I have no idea what this adapter board they are referencing is, I proceed to set the Z axis offset and tried to do a test print.

The test print was resliced with G29 added behind G28 in the gcode in Cura 4.9.1

When I started the test print, the hotend moves to the centre of the board. The BLTouch does its up down probe thing, then all that happens is the print %age progess bar moves up by 1% approx every second yet nothing ever prints and the there is no movement of the extruder or hotend.

If I rollback to my old firmware with no bltouch it works fine.

So do I have the wrong firmware and If I chose the right one, why won't it print but the progress bar moves.