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Dual-extruder printers


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Hi! I am quite new in 3d printing. I want to buy my first 3D printer, so now I am researching what models to avoid, etc.
There are reviews and youtube videos out there about various printers, but I am not sure if those are reliable sources or rather marketing from the manufactures...

I am happy to say that I convinced my 2 sons to spend their money on a 3D printer, instead of a Nintendo Switch. So the main goal/purpose of the printer will be to print little 'gadgets' for my kids.

Anyway, here is the 3 cheapest printer I have found so far:
1) Zonestar P802QR2
2) Qidi Tech X-Pro
3) Maker Farm 10" Pegasus Kit with the dual extruder option

The first one is dangerously cheap! Shall I totally avoid it?

Why dual extruders?
I love the idea of water-solvable support material. And as far as I know I need dual extruders for that to print, please correct me if I am wrong.