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CR10 Pro V2 under-extruding. Unable to clear the nozzle with the included tool, help!


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My CR10 Pro V2 seems to be under-extruding PLA. The layers are really uneven. I tried to use the needle that was included with the printer to try and clear the nozzle (while it's heated to 210C) but it only goes halfway trough. If I wiggle or spin it around, it goes further and then I can feel resistance pulling it back down but there's no filament coming out and it never gets easy even after repeated attempts.

Is there anything else I can do short of picking the printer apart? This is really frustrating and I might just get rid of the printer altogether.

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Hi friend. You probably got a clog issue. Check these two videos, please. You will find it is very easy to fix clean the nozzle.

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