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CR-200B Bed not rising


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Just purchased a CR-200B. Set it up, turned it on and tapped leveling but the z-axis isn't moving at ll. I can hear some clicking in the background. Trying to move the bed through the menu does nothing.

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Hi rolecks did you find a solusion, i got the same problem.

Have just unboxed my new printer  X and Y axis can move but not Z axis

if i try to get the printer to move i hear noise like the stepper is stuck


Hi, Friends, If you met the problem that the motor does not move, please try to do a wire change to test which part has issues. 


I have tryed to switch the Y and Z cables on the motherboard
and the problem followed.
Now i can move Y Axis with the Z Menu buttons
When i use the Y Menu buttons the Z Stepper make a noise
but the spiral to raise the heat bed do not move/turn

I will try to test the Z Cable but it's not easy to get into the Z Stepper.

thanks for your idear by the way.


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