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CR-200B Bed not rising


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Just purchased a CR-200B. Set it up, turned it on and tapped leveling but the z-axis isn't moving at ll. I can hear some clicking in the background. Trying to move the bed through the menu does nothing.

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Hi rolecks did you find a solusion, i got the same problem.

Have just unboxed my new printer  X and Y axis can move but not Z axis

if i try to get the printer to move i hear noise like the stepper is stuck


Hi, Friends, If you met the problem that the motor does not move, please try to do a wire change to test which part has issues. 


I have tryed to switch the Y and Z cables on the motherboard
and the problem followed.
Now i can move Y Axis with the Z Menu buttons
When i use the Y Menu buttons the Z Stepper make a noise
but the spiral to raise the heat bed do not move/turn

I will try to test the Z Cable but it's not easy to get into the Z Stepper.

thanks for your idear by the way.


Hi, That means your mainboard and Z cable are fine because you can control the Y-axis move by using the Z menu buttons. The issue is your Z stepper. You need to get a new one.


Please upgrade to the FW 1.0.4,

Anyone know where to find the change list from version 1.0.3?


Hi, do you mean the changelog for firmware? There is no changelog, but I can only see 3 versions of firmware here.

Yes, I mean the changelog

Unfortunately, Creality never does a changelog for their firmware.