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I had recently received a CP-01 as a gift, however during the the attempt to use the laser engraver, I had noticed a fair amount of light leakage. I’m able to “mostly” focus to a point, however there is a large amount of spill over in the surrounding area. Could there be a defect in the focusing that could be causing this? I’ve verified its not due to the material I’m engraving onto.

While it looks a little worse from the camera, its still “close” to what I see through my other goggles.
Its focused enough to burn when stationary, however while moving, its minimal and requires several passes just for a noticeable effect at 15mm/m

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Hi, friend, you can check this video to see if the focus is well enough according to the video. I agree with you that the material you are engraving will not affect the focus result.

Frost2033 Frost2033 Topic starter 17/05/2021 1:26 pm
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I had followed that video’s instructions regarding the setup and focusing, I’m still running into the same situation.

During the focusing process, I did notice there seems to be a distortion or a shadow, as if the focal focusing lens and laser diode isn’t fully aligned. Either that or the focal focusing lens has a mild defect. If It was the focal focusing lens and diode, I’d assume a larger deviation compared to what I’m seeing. Yet either way, I’m not certain how I’d confirm one or the other if that is the situation.


@frost2033 I haven’t used this machine so I don’t understand the structure inside the laser head, but in either case that you have mentioned, I think it is beyond the scope of DIY, you can try to find after-sales service to solve the problem, you should get a new laser head kit.

Frost2033 Frost2033 Topic starter 18/05/2021 4:38 am

I’m considering it, though its a shame since the machine isn’t even a week old yet.

I’ve tried taking a second photo without using the goggles covering the camera yet there’s enough light spilling over from it to wash out the camera. Going to reach out to see what I can get done about it but at the rate its going, I’m a bit hesitant. If I knew other after market modules, even the ones sold by Creality would work with it, I’d grab one of those just for the sake of a higher powered laser.

kevin kevin 18/05/2021 9:18 am

Unfortunately, we no longer sell this machine and accessories at the official store now. It might be better to stand back and shoot. ?