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[Solved] Corners Lifting Up


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I have a new CR-6 SE.  When I print a flat plate one or two of the corners will lift up off the bed which damages the final product.  The plate is large 220 x 220.  The bed temp is 60c. I did auto leveling before I started the print.  Other suggestions? Raise the bed temp?

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I solved this problem by using a brim and cleaning the bed.  Because of the size of the plate I had to reduce the width of the brim just slightly to fit on the bed.  With these changes, there has been no lifting at any of the corners.


there is also a good ADD-ON (TabAntiWarping) in the MarketPlace up in the right of your Creality slicer. this lets you add custom hold downs for your piece if you do not want to use a brim.

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