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Can't solder fan wire on ender-6


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I messed up and cut the k-fan wire on my ender-6. I'm trying to solder it back together, but cant get the solder to stick. Just globs up and wont flow into the wire.

Can someone help me on how to solder this wire? Do I need something special?

Thanks! Lou

Well, that is completely manual work. Where did you cut off?

No need to solder at all if it is in the middle part of the wire and not at the ends.Peel off the insulation part and then roll the conductive wire together and seal the tape.

I cut it about 8" from the print head. I'll give that a try. I was just thinking i should solder it since it will be always morning around.  Thanks

Do not need to solder at all. Look at mine. Works great.