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Blue screen and D3 led on in the mainboard


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So, I just buy my 1st printer Ender 3, and I do the stupidity to run a gcode of leveling bed just after assemble the Printer (before auto home). some motor starts to make a strange noise and a Panic and hit "factory reset". I panic again and turn off the power supply in the middle of the process.

At this point my screen becomes just blue.

My seller try to reset the firmware using and SD card no success.

She send me a new main board I replace and the problem keeps happening.

Try to make a firmware using and SD card again and nothing happens.

Both boards are V4.2.2, and when I turn on the D3 led on the board lights up.

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The blue screen is not a big issue. More importantly, we need to know your pinter's condition.

Connect your printer to a PC via a USB cable, if you can. run pronterface, send some commands to the printer, like move X move Y, auto home, etc, to find out if the motors are good or not.

Eli liu thaks A lot,

I'm not a familiar with this program, but a google help-me to set up (for those who stumble upon in this post, this is the video I use to set up the program: 

Z is the problem for the noise. I make it go Up 10 and then down 10. the fist time it makes a awful noise, now I can see that one side begins to down and up before the other as if was a play diagonally.

I'm happy that the USB port works. and Now I can at lest home to X and Y.

So, please help me:

1 - What about the Display been blue (before all this was working just fine)?

2 - What I can do to mitigate Z play (without printing the Z repair, since I only have 1 not working printer)?

1. Tow possibilities. One is the screen is faulty or the cable connection has problems. Or you need to reflash the firmware to reboot the screen.

2. I don't know what's wrong with Z. the Z movement should be smooth. You should move it with your hands easily. Maybe check the rollers to see any weird things? Better provide a pic or video. 

Tks Eli liu, I try taht, didn't work.

The seller call back the product and will send me another. I'll post here if they say that was the problem.

tks again.

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