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BLTouch firmware failing on my CR10S5

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Hi friends.


My install for my BLTouch firmware keeps failing.

First problem: the burner wasn’t recognized by my computer. It saw it was a device and plugged in, but it wouldn’t let me open it or access any of the files. Because of this, I had to download the files off Creality’s website and pray that I had the rights ones (I think I do, as I tried every CR10S5 firmware for the BLTouch that existed).

Second problem: The firmware from Creality’s website is in .rar format, and then the progisp.exe only wants .hex files. I converted them online and the progisp.exe accepted them.

Third problem: According to the BLTouch instructions, in the progisp.exe you have to select the chip ATmega1284p. That is not the chip in my board. My chip is an ATmega2560. I selected that in the program and changed everything else according to instructions.

Fourth problem: After all of that, and the program tells me that it successfully uploaded, i turned on my printer to find that there was no text, just backlight. Everything else turns on, lights flash, the BLTouch lights up and does stuff, the fans go on, but no text on my screen. 


What in the world am I doing wrong????