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Blank Screen - BL Touch Ender 3 Pro


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I just got a BL Touch bed leveler from Amazon for my Ender 3 Pro. The version of the printer board is a 4.2.2. I flashed the "Ender-3 Pro - Marlin2.0.1 - V1.3.1 - BLTouch.bin" to the printer prior to installation of the BL Touch. The flash did install. I then connected the BL Touch and turned the printer back on and I only get a blank screen.

When I disconnect the BL Touch and turn the printer on, I get a beeping or buzzing noise and the control panel for the printer is showing options for the BL Touch. That seems to narrow it down to either a problematic sensor and bad wiring. The wires for the screen and the Z limit switch have polarized plugs so I can't get those backwards, and I matched up the colors of the three pin connector on the Touch with the printing on the control board.



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1. you need to unplug the Z limit switch connection and install the BL touch first before flashing the firmware.

2. On the BL touch body, it shows its version 3.1 or 1.1 or similar, you need to use the correct firmware. For example.

Ender-3 Pro-V4.2.2-32bit 

Marlin2.0.1-V1.3.1- BLTouch 

The blank screen or beeping usually indicates a wrong firmware used in the printer.

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I have an Ender-3 Pro with a V4.2.2 board and the BL Touch is a 3.1. The only difference I notice, is the file from the website is named "4.2.2 Ender-3 pro 32bit Marlin2.0.1 BLTouch V1.3.1with adapter board.rar" and I don't think I have any special board, just the connector board on the BLTouch sensor and the board that the three pin connector and screen cable connect into. Is there a different firmware that I need?