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BL Touch not Leveling on One part of bed.

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So I ran into this really weird issue. I have an ender 5 pro with a BL touch that is updated to the newest version of marlin as of Febraury 2021. I’m using the stock board that came with the ender 5 pro. So I got the BL touch to work and I have the probe wizard feature activated and for the most part, it works perfectly. The issue that I keep running into is that it does not level the right side of the bed. it always makes the right side of the bed way too high no matter what I do, and if I try adjusting it as it prints the left side and center goes down too far. The level of the bed is just about perfect on the left side of the bed and the center of the bed. I tried adding more testing points, redoing the firmware, manually making the right side lower than doing probe wizard (which helps a little) but nothing is making it work as it should. It’s like I am doing more manual leveling with a BL Touch than if I never got one in the first place. Does anyone have any advice?

kevin kevin 11/06/2021 10:37 am

Have you ever thought it might be an uneven X-axis? I am not sure but you like a player with much experience with manual bed leveling ? 

TheElderOtter Topic starter 11/06/2021 12:42 pm

yeah, i thought that might have been it, but after a lot of trial and error, it levels better when the x-axis is significantly higher on the left side than the right. Given that only mean, I get almost half-decent prints. This is the first time I ever owned a BL Touch, before this I had the ender 3 pro that I manually leveled and that was good, then I had a robo r1 plus for a while and that had the best auto-leveling I used. given the BL touch is the second auto-leveling i ever used. 


TLDR: the X-axis is as level as I can get it manually but the BL touch is still not properly leveling, and idk why. 

kevin kevin 11/06/2021 4:17 pm

Yep. unfortunately, there is no way for us to check the function of BL-touch. ?