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Stepper motor not working during prints - only works upon Control panel command.

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I'm having a stepper motor problem on my ender 3v2.

My Ender 3v2 it suddenly stopped extruding yesterday mid-print.
Now I cannot get the stepper motor to work during prints.

The stepper motor works when I'm calibrating it, when I go to the Control Tab and command it to move some millimeters it pushes the correct amount of filament.
But as soon as I add a print, the nozzle will be moving around but without any filament coming out because the stepper motor is quiet and won't push any filament to the hotend...


I changed the original extruder with a double-gear extruder.

I tried changing the e-steps on my control tab in the configuration of the printer (to correct for the new extruder).

What do I do?

Thanks in advance for any help.