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Ref. Photo: E3 V2 LCD => BTT mini E3 V2.0 EXP1 (LCD) Port

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This adapter (photo attached) or electrically equivalent will be needed if you change your Ender 3 V2 controller board to a BigTreeTech mini E3 V2.0 and you wish to continue with the new stock E3V2 LCD screen.

I connected this home made adapter between the screen and Creality factory ribbon cable, at the screen end.

Hope this helps someone out there. Good luck! 🙂

In my case, I changed controllers to allow switching E0’s TMC2209 to non-StealthChop™, so that Marlin’s linear advance feature doesn’t confuse the TMC driver, making it shut down randomly during a print. That’s right, StealthChop and lots of tiny retractions do not play well together!

My other option would have been to hack the Creality 4.2.2 board, to disable the hard-wired StealthChop™ mode. Frankly, that might have been easier, as Marlin with the features I needed does not fit in the 256KB ROM space available on the BTT-mini-E3-v2.0 board’s STM32F103RC6 MCU. Well it could, if I flashed directly and removed SD card bootloader. Meh. Being fortunate enough to be able, I opted to swap out the MCU for a 512KB version, the STMF32F103RET6.

I cursed BTT for using the smaller chip at first … then I found out the  there’s a world wide shortage of the 512K RET6 version, with six month lead times from most suppliers!

You’ll probably need to compile your own Marlin from source. That’s a whole other can of worms it shouldn’t have been, in my case. Best of luck.

P.S: The blue and yellow wires can be deleted. I connected them to the two NC (not connected) pins at the LCD screen end.

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@gruvin Thanks for sharing! For sure this will help others sometimes. ? 

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