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E3v2 – Bed Leveling

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Hi everyone!

I am having massively issues with the bed leveling and honestly getting frustrated specially when checking in the internet who supposely is to level it with the paper. I bought the E3v2 w. the glass bed and after more than 1 week of trying and reading, I finally decided to purchase the yellow springs along with the capricorn tube. The bed looks more stable, however still fighting. On the corners I would say is good, but when it comes to the central part, there is a small gap that prevents the layers to stick to the bed. It’s awful since I have the glass and wouldn’t expect it’s bent.

I saw there is always the option to add the BL touch to make things easier but am reluctant, almost all the videos I saw don’t have the sensor and everyone is able to level and print w/o any problems.

Does anyone have a recommendation or hint? Any help is very much appreciated, thanks!