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New 4.2.7 board homing error

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Hi, guys. Installed my new 4.2.7 board today along a new touch screen. Screen is working fine with some custom firmware I found. The board has new firmware 2.0.1 also, but when I home, X,Y,Z do their thing, then the print head goes to left of Center of the bed and then the machine freezes. This has happened with various marlin configurations.I’ve also installed the Revo micro which needs marlin tweaked to recognise the thermistor properly. Would really appreciate any help on the above. Great site this, I’ve learned a lot. Cheers. 

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Thanks for your suggestion

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I installed the CR touch and the printer is not auto homing at all. The Z axis is not lowering. I then get the message stopped. I’m pretty sure I hooked everything up correctly as the Cr touch can only get plugged in one way. Any suggestions.