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Hey everyone, Its a Ender 3 v2 with a 4.2.2 board. I have tried installing the BLTouch but it wasn't working and kept beeping. Before posting here Ive formatted my SD Card and used another one, both under 32 gb. I was just going with stock firmware under Ender 3 V2 on creality website. After the constant beeping tried going back to the stock without BLTouch. Went through and flashed the screen and main board back to stock now its just a black screen with constant beeping. Made sure everything was plugged in correctly and snug like it was never touched. Idk what else to try at the moment, been trying all day.

Ender3 V2-4.2.2

Marlin-2.0.1-BL-Touch – V1.1.1(without adapter board)

The BLTouch is using a cable without any adapter.