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Ender 3 Pro version

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I have had the printer for over a year and a couple of problems developed a few months ago.

I have connected it to my PC through a USB cable in the hope of learning more. I do not know where to go next. 

First problem is I have to adjust the Z position by about -12mm for every print. I have had the printer for over a year and it just started a few months ago.

The second problem is that the hot end temperature varies wildly and rapidly even with fan at 100%. On initial start-up it goes way high very quickly, 255 degrees or more, before slowly going down and hovering around 200 +/- 10 degrees. Sometimes it just keeps doing that and the print will not start, other times it starts. I have replaced the hot end and the sensor (The really thin white wires). A complete new hot_end arrives in a couple of weeks.

Is it easy to upgrade the firmware or is it not going to do anything to solve my problems?

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@charles Hi, Friend. -12mm is too much. Have you got a Bltouch? Have you set the Z-axis to 0 before Bltouch bed leveling?

As you mentioned,  the printer is over one year old, it is a good time to replace the whole hot-end set. Also, check the PID setting is helpful for your temperature issue.

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