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Z Offset Problem With BL Touch On Ender 3 Pro

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Hi All,

I am about to pull my hair out on this one, so hoping someone can help with a possible solution and I have searched all over for answers and not finding anything about it. I will list what I have and than tell you what the problem is.

Ender 3 Pro with 32bit Board V4.2.2
BL Touch Model 3.1
Micro Swiss Hot End
PrinterMods MDD
Creality Glass Bed
FIRMWARE is the latest from daily builds
Version Downloaded was for the 4.2.2 board with BL Touch

After finding out my Ender 3 Pro did not have the 8bit board and sending the BL Touch kit back to get the correct one I actually needed, I than went ahead to install the BL Touch. No problems on the installation, but getting the bed height adjustment to be correct has been a nightmare. I have all of my initial probe offsets as close as I can get them for now, but the nozzle still stays about 2-3mm off the bed and my bed screws are almost as high as they can go. When retracted, the BL Touch probe is approximately 3mm above the bottom of the print nozzle. So I know you should be able to adjust this by going into advanced settings and adjusting the home offsets, but when I try and do that I get a too far error message. It does clear after a power cycle. I have also just tried to use the move axis command, which does allow me to get closer to the bed, but when I go back into the home offsets to try to set them, it tells me I have to Set Home. I did also use the dedicated BL Touch on the board for the wiring as stated to do so on the marlin.crc site.

Hoping someone may have some insights on this and thanks in advance!

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It's a bit difficult to imagine without pictures, but you should aim for a Z-Offset of between 1.5 and 2.5mm - and this may mean needing to use spacers or similar on your mount.

As for setting the Z-Offset, on the Ender 3 Pro you should be able to use the Z-Offset wizard in the legacy menus...

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