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Which Options are selected in pre-built Firmware from

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I'm wanting to explore creating my own firmware using the firmware builder over at - Ideally I'd like to know what default options are including in the Ender 3v2 with Bl Touch firmware that's precompiled, so that I can start making small changes from that without firstly trying to recreate the existing firmware to ensure I'm starting from the right starting point.

There's an awful lot of options to select as part of the firmware builder

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Honestly, unless you have specific things to change, the nightlies are the better option.

If you want to use the Builder, you need to know what your wiring etc is, so if you were using the nightlies, you're likely to be using the Probe Port, Bilinear levelling, using the probe for homing, and a grid size of 5.

The default options are loaded from the upstream Marlin example configuration file - so you can change options from that knowing you have a working base to begin with.