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Need help with firmware

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Hello ,

   I have an Ender 3 v1 I have added the 100mm Z axis extension and upgraded to a 4.2.7 board and added a CR touch and I am having a hard time configuring firmware for it I see firmware for 4.2.7 with Cr touch but the 100m extension firmware seems really old and with out support for the 4.2.7 board I have a direct drive carriage and a creality glass bed with a polished titanium hot end from gulf coast robotics.

I have attempted to compile my own firmware with vscode but my knowledge is severally lacking in vs code.

with exception of the hotend which is a direct drop in it worked without any firmware changes everything else was ordered through Creality and I was hoping that creality had firmware for these upgrades together . can anyone point me in the direction of a packaged firmware.

Thanks in Advance