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I have a subscription for the

So far it has been working really well and I like the custom firmware builder for my ender 3 V2.


Two questions

I tried to enable the lcd leveling option, however it failed to compile. Is this feature not available on the ender3v2?

Would you be able to add an option for two additional menus like the smith3d firmware

Aux level menu


Z offset tool

I tried their firmware and it worked well, however I like your version better with the options and increasing the bed size.

I think many people would find these two options very useful that have a bltouch, it really helps nail the z offset and getting an initial bed level.


Thank you for making a great tool.

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@brigal Glad you like it! The DWIN display doesn't support the LCD Leveling - which is why it errors.

Smith3D made his own fork of Marlin and has the fun task of maintaining everything himself. It would be nice of him to contribute the additional features back to the main Marlin project, but at this stage he's been unwilling to do so.

That being said, it is GPL software, so if someone was so inclined, they could take the additions and port them to the bugfix-2.0.x branch so everybody could benefit...