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I built several versions of the firmware to try out on my printer with great success. Today I just got a BLtouch and went to build a new firmware and the builder says I'm out of credits. I went to my account page to see if I could get more, and I don't see an option. Am I missing something? I am already paying for the subscription for this service, which doesn't have Ender 3 Pro 4.2.7 support by the way, and there is now a limit to downloads with the builder? Please help me understand this logic. I don't mind paying for someone to work out the kinks with building marlin firmware. I see there is unlimited downloads of this pre built firmware, but not for the builder.

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@paultspringer The credits reset every 2 days. This is a limit to allow the resources to be allocated and shared evenly among users.

If you're just wanting a daily build, the Ender 3 build for mainboard v4.2.7 will work fine on the Ender 3 Pro - there is no difference in these machines electrically.

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