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CR-10S PRO v2 missing from options 🙁

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I can only see CR-10S, but from what I see this is totally different printer than CR-10S PRO v2 which I have. I have paid subscription so I could make the latest FW with Firware Builder, but there as well it is only "normal" CR-10S, not "PRO".

I am looking for MeatPack support and from the stock firmware this is, as I've learned, not possible as it is "pre-2021" version.

Really didn't expect that development of other printers from Creality is so much further than for this one.

If there is solution, I would appreciate, thanks!

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@zebragr Right now, there doesn't seem to be any verified configuration for Marlin on the CR-10S PRO v2 - and I can't seem to find a list of what is inside this specific printer.

As such, I can't really even put this on the roadmap until the details become known...