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CR-10 V3 BL touch and firmware update issues

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recently bought the CR-10 V3 and had a lot of issues leveling the bed, to the point of leaving permanent scratches on it.

to avoid doing any more damage, I acquired a BL touch kit from Creality, and for the last 6 hours have tried to install and use it.

I watched many tutorials, and all of them go through the Creality slicer and pick (Under the "Communication settings") COM something instead of the default "AUTO" setting.



the option simply never popped up. ever.. 


I tried using ten different cables to connect it to my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 720), updated plenty of drivers, installed many .cn files from windows that were supposed to somehow help (one actually disabled my keyboard for half an hour and I had to use a restore point to fix it), etc etc etc... I finally found my COM thing after installing it from the "Install legacy firmware" option, in the windows device manager. (and yet the slicer never acknowledged its existence).

I saw a lot of folks talking about Arduino in this context, and yet I have no idea how Arduino has anything to do with 3D printing - even so, when I used to make projects with it I never had any sort of issue with the Serial ports. (I did install the CH34 driver once on a computer in my school {and now trying to fix this issue} but nothing else)


I honestly just need a comprehensive guide here, what exactly should I do and how did I screw it up so badly?

As I've stated, since I can't really level the bed the printer isn't in use and won't be until I figure this out, so ill appreciate any and all suggestions. 





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You will need to find the CH341 driver for your computers USB, had the same issue with my friends CR10 V3. Wouldn't talk to the computer but once we installed the driver (may have to do it as admin) we were able to talk with pronterface, cura, prusa
You will have to go to device manager and check the com ports to see which port got assigned to the USB and change the baud rate to 115K and you should be good to go.
As for the firmware, i would be a bit leary on trusting that it was set up correctly. They are saying to use the CR10 V2 which is a bowden and if you have a V3, it is a direct drive which has different Esteps, retraction settings etc.

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I rarely see the tutorial for CR-10 V3, upgrading on these kinds of machines is dangerous. I recommend you learn well how to manually leveling your bed, even if your bed is not flat, it is much easier to change a new build plate than installing a BL touch.

Creality did a mess on firmware because they release new products too frequently and they did not pay enough attention to service. In many cases, when the users buy the upgrade accessories and trying to upgrade their machine, there is no correct firmware or the motherboard underlay file did not support this upgrade. Such as the touch screen upgrade on Ender 3, you have to change the mainboard together.

So, I really recommend you go manual bed leveling. I like this live bed leveling method very much! and it is the best way to make sure whether your filament will stick on the bed.