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Suggested support request form/topic/questions

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I'm posting here in lack of better option. I saw a post elsewhere which made my skin crawl and threw together this suggested support questionnaire.

It's in no way shape or form suggested to be definitive but I don't think it would hurt to define one.


What printer are you using?

What motherboard version do you have?
(Yes, you NEED to know this!)

Do you have a bed leveling probe installed and if so, which one?
(BLTouch, EZABL or other)

Which firmware build have you flashed/tried to flash?
(Full filename including date, for example: Ender3-BLTouch-advanced-20210106.hex)

If you built a custom firmware, what configuration options are you using?

What is not working?

What is the expected outcome?

What is the actual outcome?

What does it say on your display when the printer is starting?

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@bee You're right - something like this would probably make life easier.

Support is hard to get right - and even harder when you have no info to go on. I'll refer to this as required.