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Some good new features available via LCD

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Surfing on the web I found this interesting firmware. There are a lot of useful features on the LCD, I tried to install and there were very useful things like a pre-heat even for PETG, Z-off adset fully working and a lot of others. However it’s still too new and there are bugs.

Could you have a look and understand if it’s easy for you to implement some or most of those features available via LCD over your firmware? Honestly I’m using your firmware since around Jan and I’m fuly happy about the service, the regular updates, etc.

Many thanks for what you can do!

Kind regards,


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@bulgaro80 Yep – I’ve been working with the author to try and get the features upstreamed into Marlin – as otherwise eventually this will die like the many others that have been before it and disappeared again.

The difficult part is that the author implemented things using the ExtUI interfaces – which are not for this type of device. Work is ongoing on implement similar featuresets using the new Marlin UI – but this is still a work in progress.

I’m not sure if the author will implement this properly via the MarlinUI API – or if it will just keep going until he gets sick of updating things and the project dies. I’ve been trying to tempt him to reimplement things correctly as a Marlin UI display – but time will tell how this goes.

Either way – I’d hate to see this level of effort go to waste long term.

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following smith3ds GitHub page, they will fork from jyers firmware… and I have to say, jyers fork is working great at my ender 3 v2