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Hello guys

Just got my first printer (ender 3) and I have a problem with my first two prints (please see photo attached) I don't know why this is happening, I didn't let the print finish as there was no point and I don't know how to call this failure. At first I thought this is due to loose belt but after tighten the belt, still the same issue. I played with the settings in the slicer software and still nothing. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thank you.

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First, a quick question - what filament are you using? I have found PLA works best for the ender printers.


Few things to try:

1 - Make sure there are no supports on the file

2 - View the file in a Gcode or STL viewer, see if the file could be messed up in some way

3 - Try slicing it in a different software (ex: if you're using cura, try slicing it in astroprint)

4 - Try switching your filament

5 - Make sure your melting (nozzle) temperature is at the correct settings for the filament you are using

6 - Download the file onto a different SD or microSD card