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Hi I have an ender 3 v2 and I am using firmware provided by for about 2 months now. Everything works great but I think we are missing some settings. Is it possible new settings can be added?

Settings as simple as load or unload filament etc

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Hi, I have a similar question about filament change for my brand new V2

I was looking up tutorials for multi color prints or change filament. I found one for an ender 3/CR10 that showed under menue "tune" an menue button to "change filament". However on my own printer there is no such option.

Is this possible on the ender 3 v2? do I need a firmware update? Or do I just pause and change the filament...where I see that hotend temperture trops fast

Thanks for your guidance Creality

Marlin Firmware Service
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There is an ongoing effort to do this.... It won't happen overnight, but things will hopefully improve...