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Sermoon D1 Printer

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I just installed Sermoon D1 3D printer. Finished the assembly but I am confused by the user manual. On the user manual, it says: Select the correct input voltage to match your local mains(AC100-240V) Damage can occur if the voltage is set incorrectly.

But I can not find where to adjust the voltage on the printer. Now I’m afraid to turn the printer on before figuring out this question.

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The Sermoon has an auto sensing power supply, just plug it in and go.

I had a Sermoon. I got fed up with the printer and returned it. Watch out for the Z-axes. On mine the 2 stepper motors stepped at a different speed, so by the time the bed would go from the bottom to the top, the right side was significantly higher than the left. 

Creality really should tie the two steppers together with a belt, it would take care of that issue, and it’s a solid printer otherwise. Though it really needs an enclosed top.