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Needed help with Ender 5 Pro, first 3D printer

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I’ve just bought my first 3d printer and i have some troubles with it. As shown in the video i’m trying to print but the PLA wont stick to the heated bed. Its gliding and eventually sticking to the extruder’s nozzle.


I’ve read numerous articles about changing the heat of the filament, or the heat of the bed or level the bed again with a piece of paper and nothing work, or i am doing something wrong.


I’ve also read that you can use some materials on your bed to make stuff work. But i am convinced 3D printers were made to work without it. So i would like to try to let it work without some extra stickyness to the bed.


Therefore i am here, asking for your assistance to help me get my 3D printer working properly.


Software i am using: The Creality standard clising software

Fillament: PLA 1.75mm (see attachment)

Video of 3D printer:

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Clean the bed with ipa.  Test the bed height at the position you are printing at, not just the corners. Everything at printing temp.  A thin paper should drag, but not be stuck. Takes some practise. You problem is classical to much distance, maybe your bed is warped.   I printed plenty without sticky stuff. But I routinely use glue stick for prints that will take time these days   Why not, nothing is cheating, it’s just getting things done.  Btw, I cannot see your video, this is based on your decription.  Your problem could be under extrudtion.  Sticky stuff could help you figure it out from the details of a print

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