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Having problems ugrading Ender 5 Pro from supplied Marlin to 1.1.8

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New to 3d printing but not to technology. I purchased the Ender 5 Pro and I am very impressed, however there are a couple of things that on which I can use some guidance:

My machine crashes often when loading a new gcode file. It will reboot itself with a flashing blank screen for a couple of minutes. When rebooted, I am able to load and print the same file that crashed before. I considered the old version of Marlin that came with the machine (0.0.8 which is odd the machine is brand new) may be the culprit, since the Creality3D website shows version 1.1.8 as the latest upgrade. In trying to upgrade I am able get all the necessary libraries and to get the provided files to compile in Arduino, however it fails on the upload attempt with a sync error.

I do not know what version MB I have and if it is Touch or not and I am not sure if a bootloader is installed. How can I find this out? How can I resolve the sync issue?

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It does not appear that this board has as much traffic as the Facebook page for Creality. YOu should check there for more immediate assistance. (I am interested in the answer as well!)

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@jose_arroyo  Yes, the traffic is not as much as Facebook, but you can search keywords to find what you want to see here.