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Ender 5 4.2.7 About Info not updated?? & Bring Back Filament Load/Unload!

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I just installed and updated the firmware on the 4.2.7 with the BLTouch (had the buzzing sound described earlier, I just turned the power off and removed the SD card. No more buzzing when rebooted.)


My question is with the about Info.  In the about Printer, it appears to state that it has Marlin 1.3.1





Ender-5 Pro..."


Does the latest firmware actually have the Marlin 2.0 and either the section didn't get updated, or am I not reading that correctly?


Second question is when I first got my printer a few months ago with the 8-bit mainboard, it had a "hidden" load and unload filament section when the nozzle was heated.  When I updated to the BLTouch firmware, it disappeared (presumably to make room).  Is this something you can bring back with the 32-bit code, or can I get to get the source code and attempt to compile that myself?  I came to Creality from a DaVinci 2.0 printer and that is one of the features that I really miss.


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