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Ender 2 Pro

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I recently purchased an Ender 2 Pro from Microcenter as my first 3D printer. I’m loving it but finding that none of the accessories that exist for other printers (like replacements for my already worn magnetic print surface) exist or at least not anywhere that I can find.

Does anyone know if there is a compatible magnetic surface I can use?

Also, I watched a teardown of the Ender 2 Pro on YouTube and noticed that the board appears to have the port used for the BLTouch, would it be possible to recompile Marlin to enable use of this port for bed leveling compensation? 

From what I’ve read and seen, it really seems like while the Ender 2 Pro is cantilever design, it’s mostly limited by intentional limitations put in the custom marlin firmware installed by Creality.

Pic is a screenshot of Creality Slicer using the Print to Octoprint plugin and the Live-Feed is from an ESP32-CAM (Funny thing, wanting to make enclosures for the ESP32-CAMs is why I bought the Ender 2 Pro) 🙂