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Brand New Ender 5 Plus not working...

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Can anybody please help.

I bought a brand new Ender 5 Plus printer, spent most of today building it.  To save time, I bought the V 2.2.1 silent motherboard and swapped that over as part of the build.


Turned it all on, and initially it looked fine.  But then the problem immediately started.


The Y Axis (+) does not work.  It'll move in the Y Axis (-) direction, but not in the (+) Direction.


The X Axis works (+) and (-) and seems ok.




- I swapped over the X and Y Cables, turned the printer back on, and now the Y Axis works fine (+) and (-), but the X Axis (+) stopped working and the (-) still works.  So now I know it's not the stepper motor.


- I did a continuity test on the Y Axis Cable and that showed all 4 wires working correctly.  I compared it directly with the X Axis Cable and all the wiring looked identical.  So now I know it isn't the cable.


- Finally I swapped the Motherboard back to the original V 2.2 that it came with, turned it on, and now the problem is still there (except its also now a lot noisier).  So now I know it isn't the boards.


- I then checked all the cables were correctly sited and this all looks good as well.

So what on earth have I done here?  Why is the Y Axis (+) not working.  The printer wont respond to the (+) command on the touch screen.

When I do the self levelling exercise (16 squares) it just starts at 1, 2, 3 , 4 (fine so far), but then stays in the same row and comes back on itself 5, 6, 7, 8 (it won't go backwards) along the Y Axis.


If I run the home auto setup, it'll go to the centre of the pad (but only if I start it off at the top right hand corner), after that it wont return but only go forwards off the pad and then the pad comes right up to crush it (as the sensor is off the pad).


Any ideas please>???????

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