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Basic Setup and Heated Bed

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I have a Ender 5 I just put together and I managed to print one of the models included with it.

It's been downhill since then.

I can't get anything to print on the or stay stuck to the bed now.  I've done the setup and it does does get quite hot.

Is there a list of parameters that I need to input into the Slicer program?

Is there a list of parameters that I need to set up the printer with?

So essentially I need some guidelines to set the printer up with.  I can't seem to find anything in one place that tells me how to get the printer even going.

As you can see I'm a beginner and just need a good boost to get going.


Thanks for any and all help,






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Eli liu
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guessing you have a bed levelling issue. Check this page for instruction.

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