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Z-axis won't home

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Hello, I got me ender 6 yesterday, and have built it just as the instructions tell me to, First i built it without a BL touch, and everything worked fine. however after I installed the BL touch and its firmware, I am having an issue where whereever the Z axis is at startup is where it thinks 0 is, and during the homing process, all it does is move it down by 10mm, and then sets that as the new 0.

I have checked all my connectoins, including on the mainboard itself, and tried flashing the old endstopfirmware, but nothing fixed it, and now it wont even work if i use the end stop. Has anyone else had this befoer?


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@baberuth Its going to check the Z axis in the center of the bed, when using a BLTouch. That’s the way the firmware is configured by Creality.

You then have to set the Z Offset in the settings.