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Z axis not moving on new Ender 6

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Hello Everyone,

I just received my Ender 6, and the Z axis doesn't move, I launch the "auto-leveling" and it won't move or move 1cm down then don't move again, and the screen stay on "wait for auto-leveling..." Or something.

Anyone with the same issue or a idea to solve it?


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@easylag I have a similar issue. My Z axis moves only down. Now it won't go back up and make a weird sound. I have printed several prints on this and all of a sudden in the middle of a print, it dropped and failed the print.

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Hi, i hav the same problem, any ideas to fix it?

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@orah8892 @easylag 

I had same issue when I assembled my Ender 6 today. It turned out that Z axis screw is not centered. When platform goes down, angle increases causing some additional friction, more than stepper motor can handle.

When the platform is near bottom loosen the stepper motor coupling and move the platform up and down, you'll see that the screw will not fit the coupling perfectly. You can then try to loosen the screws of plafrorm mount (see attached image) and adjust its position so that the screw fits into the stepper motor coupling without friction. It solved the problem for me.