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Suggestions for Ender 6 firmware upgrades with BL Touch

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I recently installed a BL Touch on my Ender-6.  Everything works great, but I have some suggestions to speed up printing with auto-leveling enabled.

When a print is initiated with auto-leveling enabled, the firmware waits for the table & head to warm up, then the BL Touch probes the entire table before the print starts.  There is no reason why the BL Touch can't be probing the table while the table & head is warming up.  Also, it is not necessary to probe the entire table for each print.  Only the area around the bounding box for the print needs to be probed.

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The firmware doesn't know what the bounding box is without reading the entire gcode file. That is unless the slicer puts some mention of it in the file header.

Once you do the measurement, you don't need auto leveling kn for every print unless you find the level wandering a lot. In that case you have bigger problems.

I do an "assisted leveling" every day or so by taking a set of new measurements. Other than that, all it does is find Z axis home with the BLTouch every print as part of the home cycle. Too easy.

If you want auto bed leveling enabled all of the time, then it has to do it's thing to level the bed, as it were. Perhaps a facility to write your own auto level routine without dissecting the firmware.

Honestly though, Arduino is a bit limited when it comes to implementing these sorts of features.

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You always have to probe the bed when it is heated. The z-offset of a cold bed is different from a heated bed. If you don't want to use abl turn it off on the screen or remove the G29 in your start g-code script.