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New owner of Ender 6

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After many months of research on the CR10 Pro V2 and Ender 5, I made a rushed decision on the Ender 6 due to stock levels and purchased one today as my first printer.

I would love to know your thoughts on it and whether there’s anything I should know from the off.

I may have many more questions as I learn this new hobby.

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Research is key, and there are many videos on YouTube to watch. Most hints offered are transferable. I've had my Ender 6 for a few weeks now and it is my first printer as well. Of course the learning curve should allow for some spaghetti mess and some failures due to non adhesion to the bed.

Start with PLA, it's easiest to print with. For sticking to the bed, unless your part has a fairly large base, I use a glue stick on the bed. Works amazingly well and the parts are easy to remove if you let the bed cool down to room temp.

Since I've started with this I have added a Creality cloud box, and an OctoPi. I prefer the OctoPi as it supports a camera. If Creality allows the camera feature I may revisit as the OctoPi is not without it's issues as well.

Special things of note I have discovered.

The pause uncti0on does not work. Using the Cura add script function you can add a pause at a given layer or height to allow for a color change. Doesn't work.

The Ender 6 does not support the arc function used by the ArcWelder Cura extension. I'm not sure why that is. It seems a printer as new as the Ender 6 should support everything the Ender 3 does, but that is not the case.

I have a BLTouch on order for it, and have not yet attempted a firmware update. It's not broken, so I haven't attempted a fix. I don't need a firmware update fail at this point.


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