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help with Firmware issues with the Ender 6

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I've had nothing but issues with the Ender 6

received the ender 6 with a bad motherboard,  the wiring harness had many broken parts.

so I fixed everything and got it running. even had some really nice prints.

then after adding a new print job on the SD Card poof. the printer doesn't see the SD card anymore. (WHY????) 

figured it was the SD card. so I formatted a new one (16GB) fat32 MBR. with SD Card Formatter from SD Association. and download the most recent firmware. changed the name to firmware.bin. and placed the sd card into my ender 6 and nothing happened. the printer doesn't see the sd card.

so what could the issue be?  I need help Cant load g-code files 

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What is the new firmware you are trying to use?

What Type of card? Is it a HC4?