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Filament extruder

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I’m a noob and am getting a clicking sound from the gear wheel on left side when I try and feed filament. Am I correct in assuming the screw on the spring needs adjusting? If so which way should I do it tighten or loosen.

Filament extrudes from the nozzle ok when it starts the knocking noise starts about 1 min into printing


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@daintree If the filament came out from the nozzle smoothly, there should not be an issue with the extruder. But you can try to loosen it a little. Please also check if there is scrap in the guide wheel. It may cause a slip.

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Is the clicking sound repetitive, like at equal intervals, or is it more random than that. Go to youtube and search for extruder problems. If your extruder is stalling, then the feedrate is too high or you have a partial clog. You will know it stalled as it will jump into backwards very quickly when it does. If you extrude into air, does the filament come out all twisty, or does it come out clean and straight? If nothing else, nozzles are cheap, just replace it and start fresh.

If it clicks the same place every rotation, then it's mechanical, and the extruder may require a looking at.

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Probably of no help whatsoever but I had an annoying irregular clicking and being a bit hypersensitive to noise, especially unexplained noise, started to worry. I checked all the way from the filament sensor and extruder to the print head but couldn't figure it out. I eventually realised that it was the filament tugging on the filament spool (which created a bit of slack which rattled on the spool) and the spool jerking and tapping against the side of the enclosure. The way the printer is positioned on my desk, the filament spool is hidden behind a monitor. I put a piece of foam on the filament holder to make sure there is a gap.