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Extrusion Problems

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Can anybody help me, please?

I already posted this problem on the Cura forum thinking that it may be a slicing issue but I really have no idea. I feel like I have tried everything in Cura, I have adjusted everything i Cura which could possibly cause this. I have changed the nozzle, tried different materials, recalibrated BLTouch, raised the nozzle temperature, lowered the nozzle temperature, lowered the print speed, raised the print speed.

The enclosed photo shows the problems, inconsistent extrusion, blobs, stringing and really poor print quality.

I couldn’t help thinking that it was a Cura setting that caused this as it happened suddenly. One day, everything was fine – the next day, I printed something for a friend (not the item in the photo) and it was a mess.

I haven’t been able to print anything with any quality for three months and the Ender 6 is sitting next to me on my desk like a very expensive piece of junk.

If anybody could help me, I’d be very grateful.